Seasonal menu
Dear guests, 
meals prepared in our hotel kitchen are made from fresh foods coming from Czech suppliers and local producers. We do not use any ready-to-cook foods, chemical flavour enhancers, refined fats, glutamates et al. We cook with love and joy, and our effort is to give you the best in the meals. For us, it is important that the foods are seasonal. We pay attention to their quality and a simple honest treatment, which begins at the time of your order. Thank you for understanding of a longer time of preparation, thanks to which our cooks are able to prepare you a meal according to your wishes or considering your diet. Let yourself get carried away by fresh, handmade meals which will caress not only your body but also your soul…
Starters and small dishes
120 g Poultry livers on onion and red wine, thyme, homemade, handmade bread 91 CZK
120 g Baked jacket potato served with grilled vegetables scented with dried herbs, decorated with fried onions and leaf salads 91 CZK
120 g Baked toast with goat cheese and currant jam, spiced with thyme, sprinkled with leaf salads 91 CZK
Czech and local cuisine
120 g Mushrooms in creamy sauce, scented with thyme, served with yeast dumplings 107 CZK
200 g Lentils with bacon, onion and pumpkin in spicy sauce, served with homemade wheat bread 117 CZK
200 g Potato gnocchi with gingerbread crumbs, cinnamon, curd cheese and butter, sprinkled with roasted nuts and sugar 98 CZK
180 g Roasted pork neck served with honey-mustard sauce and egg gnocchi 157 CZK
180 g Batter fried chicken escalope served with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber 141 CZK
200 g Mixed leaf salads with fresh vegetables in olive oil, topped with balsamic glazé, toast 117 CZK
+ 100 g Extra serving of chicken breast 30 CZK
Modern Czech cuisine
200 g Organic rump steak (Limousin bulls, organic farm Rudník) served with grilled vegetables and pepper rémoulade 327 CZK
180 g Grilled pork neck served with spicy garlic beans, grilled bell pepper and bread 171 CZK
180 g Chicken breast stuffed with dried plums, served with crispy bacon and baked jacket potatoes, plum rémoulade 167 CZK
180 g Turkey breast on white wine and herbs, topped with butter, served with pumpkin purée and cranberry chutney 171 CZK
200 g Potato gnocchi with creamy onion sauce and chicken meat strips, scented with sage, sprinkled with matured cheese 151 CZK
200 g Garlic couscous with butter roasted tofu, served with sundried tomatoes and rocket salad 127 CZK

On demand, our staff will give you information about contained allergens.