Lunch express menu

(served from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm)


According to daily offer

Monday 4.7.2016

A – Pork chop on garlic served with spinach and boiled potatoes

B – Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, sprinkled with Edam cheese

C – Couscous salad with bell pepper, olives and tofu

Tuesday 5.7.2016

A – Beef goulash served with traditional yeast dumplings and onion

B – Poultry risotto with herbs, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

C – Traditional local spicy beans with mushrooms and vegetables, served with homemade bread


Wednesday 6.7.2016

A – Chicken breast on lemon pepper, served with mashed potatoes with parsley

B – Mixed vegetable salad in homemade Mayonnaise with fried bacon, served with toast

C – Roasted tofu on barbecue spices with zucchini, served with mashed potatoes


Thursday 7.7.2016

A – Meatloaf served with potato purée and pickled cucumber

B – Pasta salad with summer vegetables in homemade Tartar sauce with Edam cheese pieces

C – Turkey meat pieces on carrot and marjoram, served with couscous

Friday 8.7.2016

A – Turkey medallions with stewed cabbage and potato dumplings

B – Pork strips on curry and pineapple, served with herb rice

C – Baked potato stuffed with broccoli and cherry tomatoes with sour cream, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

One menu price including soup: 98 CZK

Permanent express lunch offer: 

200 g Grilled steak from pork neck, roasted potato with skin, homemade Mayonnaise ... 127 CZK
200 g Grilled steak from chicken breasts, roasted potato with skin, homemade Mayonnaise ... 127 CZK

All meals are prepared without any glutamates, ready-to-cook foods, instant mixtures, chemical flavour enhancers, reffined and deep frozen foods. 
On demand, waiters will provide you with information about contained allergens.

Enjoy your meal!