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Coffee Grand Luxury

We offer own branded Grand Luxury coffee.

Grand Luxury QUEEN— mixture of the sweetest and the purely bitter species, balanced by golden ratio. Only coffee whose taste appears after swallowing.  It harmonizes cerebral hemispheres and brings inspiration.

Grand Luxury KING– dark golden roasted coffee with pure earthy taste.                                            
It is a drink of kings and leaders. Induces detachment and logical thinking.
Espresso (7g coffee, 20-30ml)  41 Kč
Doppio (14g coffee, 50-60ml)  67 Kč
Caffé Lungo (espresso filled with hot water, 120-150ml)  41 Kč                                        
Caffé Macchiato (espresso marked with a little milk froth)  41 Kč                                        
Cappuccino (espresso with milk and milk froth, 180-220ml)  35 Kč                                        
Cappuccino Aroma (cappuccino with a flavour from our offer)  51 Kč                                       
Caffé Latte Macchiato  (milk, espresso and milk froth, 250-280ml)  47 Kč                                        
Caffé Latte Macchiato Aroma (latte with a flavour from our offer)  57 Kč                                        
Caffé con Panna (coffee with whipped cream, 180-200ml)  47 Kč                                       
Steamed coffee (7 g coffee steamed with hot water, 200-250ml)  35 Kč                  
Coffee with alcohol
Caffé Liquer (coffee, 4 cl egg liqueur, whipped cream, 250ml)  59 Kč                                        
Caffé Irlandese (coffee, 4 cl Tyrconnell, chilled cream, 220ml)  95 Kč                                        
Caffé Caffé (coffee, 2 cl coffee liqueur Tia Maria, whipped cream, 250ml)  59 Kč                                  
Coffee specialties
Caffé Ciocco (espresso, dark, milk or white chocolate, milk froth, 250ml)  57 Kč                                                      
Dolce (coffee, caramel syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon, 250ml)  57 Kč                                                       
Caffé Fusione (double espresso, 2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream)  65Kč    

Coffee extras
Whipped cream  11Kč
Monin syrup (by offer)  2cl 13 Kč 4cl 23 Kč          
We offer superior quality whole leaf teas packed in pyramid tea bags label Harney & Sons.                                                                                                      
Harney & Sons Royal edition by actual offer (mug 0,3 l) 35 Kč
Handpicked Japanese Sencha Harney & Sons KOSHER (pot 0,4 l ) 43 Kč
Fresh mint or Ginger tea  (mug 0,3 l)  35 Kč

Hot drinks
Hot juice (of your choice, 2dl)  33 Kč
Hot cocoa 2dl  30 Kč
Hot Lemon (hot apple juice with sugar and lemon, 2dl)  35 Kč

Freshly ground chocolate infused with velvet cream.
Milk, White or Dark chocolate with whipped cream  (1dl) 46 Kč

Hot drinks with alcohol
Mulled wine with spices (family winery Hrabal, 1,5dl)  44 Kč
Hot Becherovka (4cl Becherovka, water, clove, 2dl)  40 Kč

Soft drinks
Lažanský RUBÍN (natural ciders and fruit juices from Bohemia 0,25 l) 35 Kč
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light (0,33l), Kinley Tonic, Kinley Ginger (0,25l)   35 Kč
Fruit juice (by offer 0,1l) 15 Kč
Mattoni Grand still water, Mattoni Grand soft sparkling water (0,33l)  27 Kč
Monin LIMONADE (Monin syrup of your choice with soda water 0,3l)  37 Kč
Orangina (orange lemonade 0,25l) 35 Kč

Iced drinks
Freddo (espresso, sice cream scoop, whipped cream, ice)  59 Kč
Frappé (espresso frapped with milk and ice) 57 Kč
Milkshake (milk drink with ice cream of your choice)  55 Kč

Mixed soft drinks
Ice Tea (black tea, fruit pieces, fruit syrup, ice)  55 Kč
Virgin Colada (pineapple juice, coco syrup, cream)  55 Kč
Virgin Mojito (mint, lime, cane sugar, soda water)  55 Kč

Mixed drinks with alcohol
Americano (Garonne Bitter, Martini Bianco, soda water, orange)  87 Kč
Dominican Libre (rum Matusalem, Coca-Cola, lime)  71 Kč
Jericho (vodka, rose syrup, tonic, mint)  87 Kč
Vodkatini (vodka, Martini Extra Dry) - short drink  77 Kč  
Mojito (white rum , mint, lime, cane sugar, soda water)  81 Kč       
Mojito ROYAL (white rum, Frizzanté sparkling wine, mint, lime, cane sugar)  119 Kč                                                                                                                                             
Piňa Colada (white rum, pineapple juice, coco syrup, cream)  87 Kč
Sea Breeze (vodka, cranberry juice, grape juice, lime)  87 Kč      

We will be pleased to mix you a drink according to your wishes and our possibilities.
Ice cream
Elegant delicious taste and first class ingredients - Carte d´Or.
Ice cream plate (3 scoops of your choice, whipped cream, chocolate)  55 Kč
Fruit Sundae (fruit ice cream, fruits, syrup, whipped cream)   59 Kč
Scoop of ice cream Carte d´Or  15 Kč

Becherovka, Jan Becher (traditional Czech herb liqueur) 2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč
Chambord (luxurious French currant liqueur) 2cl  79 Kč 4cl  139 Kč
Cointreau (French orange liqueur) 2cl  35 Kč 4cl  63 Kč
Drambuie (strong Scotch honey herb liqueur) 2cl  45 Kč 4cl  79 Kč
Unicum-Zwack (Hungarian herb liqueur) 2cl  35 Kč 4cl  63 Kč

Giant Mountains’ traditional liqueurs and spirits Apicor
Apicor Rudník is a family enterprise producing mead by traditional procedures without chemical preserving agents.
It acts within the NATURA 2000 network, in which the rules of natural and healthy farming are respected.
Taste the mead made by people, who put their heart into it…

The garden of “Krakonoš”  2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč                                                                                                                                            
- herb mead of “Krakonoš”, matures 12 months                                                          
Mead KLASIK “Krakonoš”  2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč                                                                           
- natural mead liqueur from the Jánský mountain spring and herbs from the Giant Mountains
Mead SOUR CHERRY “Krakonoš”  2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč                                                                   
- sweeter mead liqueur with macerated sour cherries
Miss Korzo or ”The Trutnov Lady“  2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč                                                            
- sweet mead with chocolate and nut extracts, matures 12 months
Ořechovka “Nutty”  2cl  30 Kč 4cl  45 Kč
- traditional liqueur made by maceration of green nuts with selected sorts of spices and tender spirit)  
Švihák lázeňský or ”The Gentleman of Trutnov“ 2cl  25 Kč 4cl  39 Kč                                                                
- mead with orange flavour, herb and fruit extracts, matures 12 months

Babička (”Grand mother” Moravian premium wormwood vodka) 2cl  71 Kč 4cl  133 Kč
Blantons, Special Reserve, Single Barrel (hand bottled and labelled bourbon) 2cl  83 Kč 4cl  147 Kč        
Bombay Sapphire, London Dry Gin (Londoner premium gin) 2cl  39 Kč 4cl  71 Kč
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva  12 YO rum (dark Venezuelan rum) 2cl  83 Kč 4cl  147 Kč                            
Four Roses Single Barrel (Kentucky single barrel bourbon)   2cl  83 Kč 4cl  147 Kč
Havana Club (world known white Cuban rum) 2cl  35 Kč 4cl  63 Kč
Legendário Elixir de Cuba 7 YO (the legend of the Havana dark rum) 2cl  47 Kč 4cl  83 Kč
Ouzo (Greek grape brandy with anise and spices) 2cl  35 Kč 4cl  63 Kč
Russian Standard (traditional Russian vodka) 2cl  39 Kč 4cl  71 Kč
Strathisla 12Y, Highland Single Malt (12 years old Scottish single malt whisky) 2cl  71 Kč 4cl  133 Kč                              
Tyrconnell, Single Malt Whiskey (tender Irish Whiskey)  2cl  47 Kč 4cl  83 Kč                                                        
Speciality of the house
Hammer Head, Vintage Single Malt Whisky  2cl  330 Kč 4cl  450 Kč
(20 years old limited Czech single malt whisky with a unique story)

Martini Bianco, Martini Extra Dry (Italian vermouth, 1dl) 49 Kč
Campari (bitter Italian orange liqueur served with ice, 4cl) 37 Kč
Crodino (Italian non-alcoholic appetizer, 1dl) 47 Kč

Poured wines
Moravian country wines from the family winery Hrabal, Velké Bílovice.
Muller-Thurgau, Veltlínské zelené (white, dry, 1,5dl)  37 Kč
Blue Portugal, Cabernet Moravia (red, dry, 1,5dl)  37 Kč

Poured superior quality and sparkling wines
Chardonnay 2016  1dl  47 Kč
(Pelvins winery, late harvest, white, semi-dry, wine village Velké Bílovice)          
Zweigeltrebe 2016 1dl  47 Kč
(Pelvins, virgin late harvest, dry, wine village Velké Bílovice)          
Zweigeltrebe Rosé Frizzanté 2016 1dl   47 Kč
(Moravian family winery Tetur, lively rose sparkling wine with strawberry tones)       

The complete wine and champagne offer is in the wine list.
Draft beer HENDRYCH - unfiltered, unpasterisered, local craft beer
Pilsner Urquell (light lager, bottle 0,33l)  43 Kč
Radegast Birell (alcohol free beer, bottle 0,33l)  33 Kč        
 We offer our homemade cakes and desserts according to the daily offer.                         
 Our desserts are made exclusively from butter, cream, fresh and honest ingredients.

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